Doves Farm GF Corn Flakes 325g x8

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Delicious, high-quality, gluten free and free-from products include baking essentials, breakfast cereals, pasta, oat bars and more. 

*Nutritional Information: Per 100g.*

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    Doves Farm Organic Corn Flakes offer a delightful and gluten-free way to kickstart your day with a wholesome breakfast. These traditional Corn Flakes are grown under the warm Italian sun, resulting in delicious golden flakes that are low in fat and suitable for the whole family.

    Ingredients: The key ingredients in these Corn Flakes include maize*, rice syrup*, and salt. The addition of malted rice syrup enhances the flavor, making it a delicious and enjoyable breakfast option for everyone.

    Being gluten-free, these Corn Flakes are a fantastic choice for individuals with gluten sensitivities or those following a gluten-free diet. The carefully chosen ingredients ensure that the cereal is safe and suitable for those with specific dietary needs.

    Doves Farm's commitment to providing free-from foods is exemplified in their Freee range, which includes a wide variety of gluten-free and allergen-free products. The range encompasses breakfast cereals, baking essentials, pasta, oat bars, and more. With their years of experience in sourcing the finest ingredients, Doves Farm has developed an award-winning range of free-from foods that can be trusted.

    These crunchy corn cereal flakes are not only delicious but also easy to prepare. Simply pour a bowlful, add your choice of milk or dairy-free alternative, and enjoy the satisfying crunch with every bite. The cereal's natural golden color and light texture are a testament to the quality and care put into its production.

    The 375g pack size is convenient and ensures you have an ample supply of these scrumptious Corn Flakes to enjoy. Whether you're starting your day with a hearty breakfast or looking for a quick and tasty snack, Doves Farm Organic Corn Flakes are an excellent choice.

    As with all food products, it's essential to read the product label and nutrition information to stay informed about any potential changes in ingredients or dietary information. Doves Farm strives to provide accurate product information, ensuring that customers can make informed choices about the foods they consume.

    So, begin your mornings with a bowl of Doves Farm Organic Corn Flakes, knowing that you're savoring gluten-free goodness made with care, quality, and dedication to meeting diverse dietary needs.

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    SKU DF028
    Pack size / Weight 8x375g
    Ingredients *Ingredients listed in product description.*
    Storage Store in a clean, cool and dry place. Keep airtight.
    Allergen information For allergens please see ingredients. May also contain HAZELNUTS, MILK and SOYA.
    Energy (Kj) 1610kJ
    Energy (Kcal) 379kcal
    Carbohydrates (g) 84.6g
    …of which sugars (g) 0.7g
    Fat (g) 1.0g
    …of which saturates (g) 0.3g
    Fibre (g) 2.2g
    Protein (g) 6.9g
    Salt (g) 0.71g
    Barcode Number 5011766577861
    Brand Doves Farm
    OOS No
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