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Why Join us?...

Be Bold, Love the Brands,
Enjoy the Profits.

In nutshell, we’re all about providing our customers exceptional service, quality, variety and value. We believe a healthy lifestyle is the best way forward and not just a trend that will disappear in a few years. Equally important to us is that each and every product that we stock is not a result of COST to the either the environment or the people involved throughout the value chain in its manufacture. With the thousands of new brands and products coming to the market, you can rely on us to sift through these and introduce to you to lines which we genuinely believe offer something different, something fresh.

Our core aim, is to help you set trends within your local community so that your customers begin to see you as the goto supplier for all things vegan, natural, organic, eco-friendly keto free from and Fairtrade. Our experienced colleagues are on hand to advise on the merits of products, brands and to offer any other support you may require…we have products at the ready for you so you can make them available to your customers. Products they would be hard pressed to find anywhere else in the vicinity.

We have 50+ years of experience behind us, today we are blessed with a highly committed team, working with diverse range of customers whose values that chime with ours; to trade in products that are genuinely innovative be it challenger brands giving the more established brands a run for their money or the more established brands bringing to market products for the ethical, health conscious consumer.

cool, hip brands

With more and more people adopting healthier lifestyles, choosing products that are not only good for them but also have been kind to the environment and to the people involved in their making, there has never been a better time to tap into this market.

We work tirelessly in building detailed data banks of knowledge, on the great brands we stock so that you have the market, product, brand information to hand to share with your customers… customers who expect this as a given. We can also provide insights to help you make listing decision based on your local customer base.

Think Profit

The brands, products we supply will allow you to make a fair margin because you will not be competing against the shop door downs down from you. We carry over 5800 products each of which is carefully selected to create the pull…range that will help you carve out a reputation for yourself in your community and thereby attract visitors that you would not otherwise see.

Simple yet Effective

We make it as easy and risk free as possible for you to buy from us. You do not need to adhere to any Minimum Order Quantity with us…order as little or as much as you require. A no brainer - want to test a brand…a single case?

Need it next day? Again, not an issue …we can even arrange weekend deliveries (and timed deliveries) if you require. We take time to listen to understand your business and priorities so that we can provide the best possible service.

Become the

     Let us help you be
       the trend setter

        - Start the trend!

Customers want a healthier lifestyle that does not break the bank and is full of taste. We will help keep your customers coming back for more, with our huge range of carefully researched product with many price points to make the products accessible to all.

We can provide you with merchandising support, so that brands subtly cross-sell and up-sell themselves.

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