When winter comes it brings along with it many things; shorter days (it is dark when people are going to work or school and it gets dark when people are coming back from either work or school), the cold temperatures that are unbearable, snow, heavy rain and winds. And not forgetting what winter is best known for Colds & Flu. Here at JohnVenes we have a wide range of products to help you relieve the symptoms of Colds and Flu that vary from cough syrups to Nasal sprays to sweets that help soothe that tickle in the throat.

During winter you will also get dry skin, chapped lips this is due to moisture of the body being lost to winds, low humidity, and central heating. To prevent this individuals should wrap up warm when going outside, Moisturise their skin on a daily basis, apply Vaseline to their lips or a lip balm, exfoliate body to get rid of the dead skin that starts to form during the cold weather, humidifying rooms this will add moisture to the room which will help soothe the dry skin.

At JohnVenes we have a wide range of skincare products varying from lip care to body creams/moisturisers, to foot creams/scrubs.