In readiness for this years fairtrade fortnight, the fairtrade foundation have now opened the petition at . They have also made the final final batch of resources available for download:

*. Presentations – Check out the brand new super-swish Prezis!

*. A briefing for MPs on the campaign to send to them (and ask them to write to Vince Cable encouraging him to support the petition ask)

*  A PR & Media toolkit (for all year round - see a template  press release for Fortnight here)

*  Create your own materials toolkit (if they want photos of Foncho, banana illustrations and more)

Fairtrade Foundation expect the full policy report backing up the campaign to be launched at the start of Fairtrade Fortnight to get as much media pick up as possible, there are just a couple more films to come before that. 

Hats off to the wonderful people at the Foundation, they have been really ambitious this year in putting a structural issue campaign at the heart of Fairtrade Fortnight. I am sure you will join us in wishing them all the success in their endeavours.